K3/4 Curriculum

Three-year-olds continue to learn through play and social interactions. Teachers help with conflict resolution, and will help guide conversations between friends. You may hear a teacher dictate a sentence for a child to repeat. This redirection helps to give three-year-olds the words they may struggle to produce on their own. Children are blossoming in independence and can use the restroom on their own with few accidents. Meal times are another opportunity to promote this newfound independence as children become more opinionated about what they eat. As the academics become more rigorous, this age group is ready for daily, short designated time to memorize letters and numbers. While maintaining the fun of learning, circle time becomes more focused on a specific lesson, and questions are asked to ensure children are grasping various age-appropriate concepts. Activities at this age are designed to encourage larger group play as they navigate learning teamwork.

K-3 Curriculum

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