K2/3 Curriculum

Language explodes during the second year of life. Two and three word statements become four to six word sentences. Children are able to express themselves, and they spend their days practicing their communication skills with their friends. In this first year of academic preschool, letter names, sounds, and symbols are being introduced. Not only can a child say a letter, they will learn what sound the letter makes, and they can identify the letter when they see it in written form. This acquisition of knowledge is a slow process. First Steps focuses on one letter per week at this age, using various characters, goofy songs, and other entertaining activities to make this learning fun. Teachers guide the children in making friendships by fostering positive interactions through play. Potty training is introduced at this age as a child shows signs they are interested and developmentally ready. Teachers in this class will provide tips and suggestions to ensure the learning is consistent at all times.

K-2 Curriculum

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