My three year old has been at First Steps a year and a half and he is already recognizing some three letter words. He can count…not just count to 10 or 20 but he actually grasps the concept of counting items. He counts his crackers every day. He has loving teachers whom he visits on the way to his classroom and who give him cookies even after he graduates from their class. Every teacher gives me special attention when I drop the kids off and make themselves available to chat with me and discuss my son’s development or needs on a daily basis. The director of the school, Ms. Peggy, is the person I go to when I have those “wits-end” moments in child rearing. She has years of experience working with children and is always willing to share a tip or a trick that has worked for her. And the best part is, they practically potty trained my son for me. He was fully potty trained just a little after he turned 3 and most of the work was done by his teachers. I think being around the other children going through the same thing helps tremendously. I feel very grateful for First Steps and recommend them to everyone I know.

Jennifer G.

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I absolutely love this daycare. My daughter has been going here for a while now and I have been happy with every moment of it. All of her teachers have been fantastic and friendly and informative. I love that they care about my child as much as I do. At a recent open house I was able to speak to the new director, and she is an amazing person. She has such a passion to see that place become the name synonymous with loving your kids and caring about you as parents. And as great as things are right now, I can’t wait to see how much better they get. Zero complaints come check it out for yourself.

Herbert G.

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First Steps at Calvary provides a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere.The children seem to be at peace and full of joy. It is very well put together and clean. They even offer tours prior to enrolling your child for you to really get a feel for the childcare environment. And how could I forget to mention its conveniently located right off I-4 in Winter park.

Troalisa L.

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As a 1st time parent and new to the area this daycare is a Godsend. Mrs Emily personally gave me a tour of the facilities and we met my daughter’s teacher. They let my 5 month old play with her class and get used to things while I asked questions and filled out paperwork. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I trust them with my child and you should, too.

Laura C.

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My daughter has been going there for 3 weeks and she loves it! Mrs. April is her teacher and I can already see how kind and giving she is! I’m so thankful I found this school ! It’s truly a blessing!

Erin P.

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My son was enrolled at Calvary First Steps for two years. We had the most amazing and warming experience there. You’ll see Ms. Peggy walking the halls daily and always with a smile. Ms. Myrna, my son’s teacher from last year did a great job teaching letters and letter sounds in preparation for VPK. The only reason my son is not at Calvary this school year is because I started a new job near Lake Nona and wouldn’t be able to pick him up on time. As a teacher myself, I’d definitely recommend Calvary First Steps to my family, friends and colleagues. I have no regrets. I’m paying more for my son’s school, but I most definitely miss the warm, nurturing, friendly and trustworthy environment.

Nat G.

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I have nothing but good to say about First Steps and it’s staff. Director, Emily Coutras, has made my son’s transition to a new school so smooth and easy. She is kind, warm and professional. She checks in to see how he is doing often, and I can tell that there is genuine care and concern. His teacher Ms. April is honestly amazing. It is evident that she cares and loves working with each and every student. I have to say my child is high energy but the way she works with him has helped to calm his energy even at home and he LOVES learning now. He tells me about all of the cool lessons and books that she reads to the class, I can tell that she is making a positive impact on his learning and development. First Steps provides an all around nurturing and learning based environment. I have toured dozens of preschools, and this one stood out to me. I could not be happier! Thank you First Steps!!

Danielle J.

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After six years and three kids attending First Steps at Calvary, I feel so thankful that they had the social and learning experiences with so many wonderful teachers. Being a veteran teacher myself, I was always aware of the love and kindness, as well as the academic experiences that all children were receiving. The school is very open and it was a pleasure to walk by each classroom and see children happily engaged in learning and playing. This is the last day for my youngest preschooler before starting kindergarten, and I will be forever grateful to the teachers and staff who have embraced us these past six years.

Cathy K.

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Both my 4 month and 4 year old loved it. Ms. Jasmine and Ms. T were so sweet and gentle with my 4 month old, and I never had a doubt he wasn’t getting all the love and attention he needed! My 4 year old loves Ms. Myrna and talked about her non stop. The curriculum my son was taught was amazing he was able to recall and explain everything he learns daily. I also loved how they prayed daily before lunch and incorporated a non denominational Christian atmosphere. I can only hope I can find a daycare after we move that holds the same standard, love and care First Steps does.

Sara G.

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I am extremely delighted to have transferred my son from VPK at a Lake County Florida daycare. First Steps has made a huge positive impact in my son’s interest to learn, read and even give grace!! Amen to that!!! The staff is always willing to help the parents and care for the children. Extremely recommend this center to all moms/dads. I never had my son cry before for not wanting to leave a daycare as he does here! My five-year-old simply loves this place, his teachers and so do I 🙂

Nathalia F.

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As a working mother with no family in the area, First Steps has been an amazing find. I have two girls that attend, infant and a toddler. They are flexible to each child’s needs.

Stacy J.

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