First Steps Academy Preschool and Daycare Orlando, FL 32789 | First Steps Philosophy
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First Steps Philosophy

First Steps Academy is a ministry of Calvary Orlando. It is our belief that children are a gift from God and should be nurtured through biblical standards and practices. It is our desire to assist in the development of the whole person — body, mind, and spirit. By maintaining a positive and stimulating learning environment that challenges and rewards each child, education excellence can be achieved.

The teachers at First Steps use a sensitive approach to learning and teaching. Children begin to learn from birth and each teacher is a vital part of the learning process. Our staff members understand the stages of each developmental age group and can assist in communicating this knowledge to the parents.

Infants learn trust and security through loving touch and attention. Our toddlers are encouraged to learn through environmental stimulation and curious exploration. Our preschool includes a structured curriculum accompanied by a hands-on learning experiences, which promote age appropriate development.

We believe that God has given young children the ability to learn through creativity and diversity. First Steps uses dramatic play, creative art, literacy awareness, mathematical concepts, and science-related activities to enhance the learning process. It is both exciting and rewarding to watch children gain new understandings and experiences.