First Steps Philosophy

A Ministry First

First Steps Academy is a ministry of Calvary Orlando. It is our belief that children are a gift from God and should be nurtured through biblical standards and practices. It is our desire to assist in the development of the whole person — body, mind, and spirit. By maintaining a positive and stimulating learning environment that challenges and rewards each child, education excellence can be achieved.

Safety & Security

Your child’s safety and security is our number one priority. We appreciate the trust you’ve given us to make sure that your child is in a safe, loving, and nurturing environment. In addition to the cameras installed in each classroom and on the playground, First Steps uses a key fob system to access our front door. Once your child is enrolled, you will be allowed access to the main areas of our campus during regular business hours. We are also blessed to have an additional Security guard on duty at all times during First Steps’ open hours.

Academic Excellence

Second only to safety is your child’s academic success. We pride ourselves on having a strong academic curriculum and seasoned staff members. We understand that not all learning comes from books. Life experiences can teach profound lessons. First Steps Academy employs a Curriculum Coordinator who maintains classroom instructional materials and ensures that each classroom has age-appropriate learning materials and curriculum. Thematic units help children to realize that learning can be both educational and fun! First Steps uses the A Beka curriculum which ensures that our preschoolers have a strong academic foundation. A Beka also provides a Biblical foundation through character development and age-appropriate Bible lessons.

Making Fun A Priority

The most frequent question parents ask at the end of the day is, “Did you have fun today?” At First Steps, we pride ourselves on that answer being “YES!” We firmly believe that learning through play is equally important to book learning. Children learn how to share, how to use their imagination, and how to build relationships with their friends. Center time is built into every classroom’s curriculum, giving children choices in how they play. In addition to centers, children of all ages make use of our two age-appropriate playgrounds, an indoor gymnasium, and four indoor playrooms. There’s fun to be had at every turn.

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